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Oribe Collaborate with Louis Barthélemy on Holiday Collection

Oribe Collaborate with Louis Barthélemy on Holiday Collection

Oribe teamed up with multidisciplinary artist and designer Louis Barthélemy for a holiday collection that evokes the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and storytelling in seven limited-edition gift sets.

Louis centres his practices around the preservation and revival of traditional crafts, as based between Cairo, Marrakesh and Paris. Louis collaborates with artisans around the world and promotes their work to protect their livelihoods and ensure the continuation of their expertise through future generations.

“When selecting an artist to collaborate with, Oribe seeks out deeply authentic storytelling
moments and views our artistic partnerships as an opportunity to explore the pinnacle of where human creativity, artistic expression and traditional craft intersect. The values of craft encompass excellence, willingness to push beyond boundaries and the merging of mastery with modern thinking which is very much part of the brand’s philosophy,” shared Vince Stavale, Executive Director of Packaging for Oribe Hair Care. “Oribe was inspired by Louis’s exploration and appreciation of ancient Egyptian craft and iconography, both of which have had a vast and longstanding impact on art, design, and fashion throughout the Mediterranean and the world.”

For this collection, Louis was inspired by renowned hairdresser and brand co-founder Oribe Canales. The collection draws on the art of ancient Egypt in three unique vertical works inspired by papyrus scrolls. The artwork is titled ‘Eternal Rituals’ and tells a story that speaks to timeless concepts of self-affirmation and pampering through hair care.

Oribe further commissioned Louis to create a unique kilim, which is a handwoven tapestry, of the artwork with a team of artisans at the Kahhal Looms located outside of Cairo. This ancient artistic practice takes nine months to complete, with manual tying, dyeing and hand-woven elements from local artisans.

“Ancient Egypt inspires me because it is an Egyptian heritage, an African heritage, but above all a universal heritage that belongs to us all,” Louis shared. “In my opinion, it is very important to be open to the other — to otherness — and not to turn in on oneself when it comes to the idea of a static and fixed nation and identity. Modern culture is almost always a hybrid.”

Gift sets include the Côte d’Azur Fragrance & Body set, Gold Lust Collection, Hair Alchemy Collection and more.

For more information visit www.oribe.com

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