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Rodney Wayne Launches #WFH ‘Work From Here’ Campaign

Rodney Wayne Launches #WFH ‘Work From Here’ Campaign

Hybrid working arrangements have firmly replaced the 9 to 5 office culture. Undoubtedly, of the main advantages of remote working for employees is the increased level of flexibility it offers. The office is no longer confined to the same four walls – it could be a café in the morning, the kid’s swimming lessons come noon, or even a chair at the hair salon, as Rodney Wayne’s latest campaign ‘Work from Here’ proposes.

At a time where there’s increased discussion around remote working from businesses, particularly in hospitality, Rodney Wayne has responded with a different tactic.

In a clever move, New Zealand’s most award-winning hairdresser has rolled out a campaign reassuring its clientele that they are welcome to work from the salon – in fact it’s encouraged. If fresh tresses while ticking off the to-do list isn’t enough to seal the deal, then the free Wi-Fi and unlimited complimentary coffee surely will. A rejuvenating scalp massage in between emails helps too.

The campaign was inspired by Rodney Wayne CEO Julie Evans’ own personal experience. “I often work while my hair colour processes at our salons and thought our clients might enjoy the same. The 35-minute colour processing time is perfect for catching up on emails or reading. That way you can free up your weekends.”

“We invite you to maximise your time at Rodney Wayne by bringing your laptop or phone and tackling your pressing work tasks while our expert stylists work their magic on your hair. So, when you walk out of the salon, you can look and feel on top of the world – and on top of your to-do list!”

The campaign’s tagline, ‘Be Beautifully Efficient’, serves as a timely reminder that the nature of today’s fast-paced modern life need not mean burnout. Work smarter, not harder, right?