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A New Paradigm in Results-Driven Hair Revitalisation

A New Paradigm in Results-Driven Hair Revitalisation

Never before found in the hair revitalisation market, CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is developed using a proprietary technology PTT-6®, derived from mesenchymal stem cells which, in high concentrations, have been proven to help deliver significant, fast-acting benefits.

The powerful proteins, cytokines, and growth factors in CALECIM® Professional’s patented PTT-6® formula helps support normal hair follicle cycle, conditions skin for a healthy-looking scalp and promotes denser, thicker and fuller looking hair. This active ingredient works with in-clinic hair regrowth treatments and hair transplant procedures by providing a nutrient rich microenvironment to help boost a regenerative response.

Mathew Jafarzadeh, Director and Senior Laser Clinician at Instant Laser Clinic has added CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System to the clinic’s list of services with outstanding results.

How do you administer treatment?

Clients must wash their hair on the day, prior to the treatment and not wash their hair for 2 days after. A microneedling device or dermal roller is used on the treatment area, then the CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is applied to the same area. A small amount is re-applied and the remainder is given to the client for homecare.

What visible effects are you observing?

We start to see new regrowth in the area that has been treated and an increase in volume and thickness at approximately 4 weeks post-initial treatment, however individual results may vary. Visible signs of less to no hair loss during brushing and washing is also reported within the first few weeks.

What impresses you most about the Advanced Hair System?

The easy application leaves no irritation or sensitivity, as most other drugs or treatment available on the current market do, and most importantly we have seen NO SIDE EFFECTS. It is drug free, chemical free and derived from the secretion of stem cells biologically active protein media, which is the latest pioneer method for cell regeneration.

What has been your clients’ reactions to the treatment?

We receive 95% positive feedback from our clients. They are very impressed with the results, restoring their self-esteem and confidence.


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