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mesoestetic®age element®delivers epigenetic efficacy

mesoestetic®age element®delivers epigenetic efficacy

While genetics can explain part of the skin ageing process, more than 80% of skin ageing is caused by environmental conditions, lifestyle and emotions. These factors promote the activation of epigenetic markers, becoming the main accelerators of signs of skin ageing. After years of research, mesoestetic® has developed age element®, an innovate solution that targets the epigenetic markers responsible for skin ageing, to help minimise its visible effects, enhancing beauty at every stage of life.

Its effectiveness is backed by science, with in vitro and in vivo studies that show the range’s capacity to help target the main ageing markers: loss of brightness and irregular tone, flaccidity and loss of definition of facial contours, as well as wrinkles and loss of skin density.

age element® features products and formulas that are designed to be combined to achieve a synergistic and complementary action, targeting multiple signs of ageing. This allows for both the treatment of a primary concern while addressing and improving the appearance of other ageing concerns at the same time, making these anti-ageing solutions 100% personalised.

age element® includes three product lines, all of which have an anti-ageing epigenetic and wide-spectrum antioxidant action that helps protect skin from the negative effects of external aggressors:

1. brightening solutions, antioxidant protocol for more visibly radiant skin

The age element® brightening solutions have an intensive antioxidant action and provide a visibly brighter, more even-looking skin tone and a revitalised appearance.

2. firming solutions for a visibly firmer, smoother and more defined facial contour

age element® firming solutions that combat flaccidity and visible loss of definition of facial contours to enhance the appearance of skin texture and elasticity.

3. anti-wrinkle solutions, restorative range for a visibly smoother retextured skin

The age element® anti-wrinkle solutions activate the mechanisms of skin revitalisation, reducingthe appearance of existing wrinkles and expression lines and helping to prevent new lines from visibly forming.

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