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Aleph Beauty extends colours to suit more skin tones

Aleph Beauty extends colours to suit more skin tones

This month will see consciously-created beauty brand Aleph extend their Concealer/Foundation and Cheek/Lip Tint to better cater to deeper skin tones and shades.

Launched late in 2018, Aleph Beauty has been striving to accommodate the needs of all women with makeup that doesn’t compromise on tone, feel or longevity.

Founder and pioneer of natural cosmetics Emma Peters makes it her mission to be fully involved with customer demands and their skin needs, developing formulations for deeper shades soon after the brand launched last October.

“I want Aleph Beauty to suit all skin types, tones and shades while giving our customers the confidence that the products they are using have been ethically and consciously created,” says Peters.

Having been in the game as a top makeup artist for over 20 years, Peters struggled to find shades for her clients that didn’t compromise on tone, longevity or feel. She says delivering an adaptable, customisable experience in the way we use makeup is the way forward for cosmetic brands.

“Nothing is more important to me than helping the individual customise our products and the application of them to suit their skin, whether it be skin colour, texture, age or finish. This is on top of knowing that our beauty choices are not harming people, planet or animals,” she says.

Aleph Concealer/Foundation 5.0 can be used for a wide-range of deep skin tones, can also be adjusted by mixing in a touch of Radiance:Sun for warmth and glow or adding the new Cheek/Lip Tint Terra as a bronzer, contour and colour adjuster. The formulations have the same skin-rejuvenating benefits plus the long-wearing, densely pigmented, light-as-air texture and natural finish Aleph is renowned for.

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