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Auckland opens first of it’s kind sleep and wellness centre

Auckland opens first of it’s kind sleep and wellness centre

The newly opened Sleep Drops Sleep & Wellness Centre located on Auckland’s North Shore is the first of its kind for New Zealand. This new facility is an integrative medical and naturopathic health centre, which brings together some of New Zealand’s most experienced practitioners specialising in sleep and wellness.

With up to 47% of Kiwi’s experiencing debilitating insomnia at any one time, the SleepDrops Sleep and Wellness Centre is the brainchild of SleepDrops founder and well-known Naturopathic Sleep Specialist, Kirsten Taylor. It is founded on scientific and naturopathic principles to transform people’s lives with the power of quality sleep. 

The purpose-built centre is light, airy and exceptionally inviting with its serene waiting area, spacious clinic rooms, impressive state-of-the-art SleepPod room and yoga studio. 

The new SleepDrops Sleep & Wellness Centre.


The yoga studio at the SleepDrops Sleep & Wellness Centre.


 The team 

Heading the clinical team at the Sleep and Wellness Centre is highly qualified and internationally sought for this role, Dr Estelle de Beer. Dr Estelle is dedicated to improving people’s lives by helping them achieve quality sleep, whilst also addressing underlying health imbalances. A consultation with Dr Estelle involves a comprehensive health assessment that explores all the systems of the body and includes; a full sleep analysis, live blood analysis, urine tests, blood pressure, blood glucose test and acupuncture treatment if applicable. 

For people struggling with chronic sleep challenges such as sleep apnoea and snoring, the Sleep and Wellness Centre has also teamed up with ResMed, the world’s largest sleep technology company in the world, and Sleep Physiologists from Eden Sleep to further assess people and support their breathing with specialist sleep devices. 

The SleepPod 

One of the most impressive areas is the SleepPod room containing state of the art SleepPods in a light blocked room. Custom-made and brought in specifically from overseas, each SleepPod provides a luxurious and generous intimate space, delivering an exceptional one-of-a-kind sleeping and meditative experience with beautifully fitted deluxe memory foam mattresses, soft LED lighting, air conditioning, headphones and a flat-screen TV with a menu of tranquil guided meditations to suit your time frame, health goals and personality. 


For those who are wanting to take their experience to the next level, there is also the option of choosing a session in the Infrared SleepPod. Offering the same luxurious SleepPod experience but additionally fitted out with specialised technology from Korea including an EMF blocking, far-infrared enhancing mattress that emits controlled infrared heat. The far-infrared wavelengths generate heat from deep within the body and support the body’s natural healing process by promoting deep relaxation, detoxification and is wonderful to support cancer therapies, cancer recovery, sports injuries, pain syndromes and collagen production as well as just being generally good for you! 

Therapy offering 

The centre also offers a wide range of holistic therapies that are locally and internationally recognised for positively influencing people’s sleep, including; hypnotherapy, massage therapy, kinesiology and clinical psychology. 

Staying true to its holistic philosophy, the Sleep and Wellness Centre includes a tranquil yoga studio, offering relaxing and restorative yoga sessions throughout the week for clients and the general public. 


SleepDrops Sleep & Wellness Centre 

1/75 Ellice Road, Wairau Valley, North Shore, Auckland 

0800 345 888