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Cash in on Father’s Day

Cash in on Father’s Day

If you haven’t gotten on board with the annual spend-fest that is Father’s Day, it’s not too late. While we all know Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the traditional jackpot occasions for our industry, Father’s Day is gaining momentum. According to Allied Market Research, the value of the men’s personal care market is expected to reach $166 billion this year, which will see a compound annual growth rate of 5.4 per cent from 2016.

So, how to get your slice of the Father’s Day pie?

It’s fast, it’s effective and it’s cash in your account. Offer special Father’s Day vouchers for your salon, either for a cash amount, or a specific service. “Vouchers require little engineering from a business standpoint. Add them to your website, or in-store, promote them on socials, and you’re good to go,” says business expert Margaret Cadel.

Create a new service
How about a ‘dads and lads’ experience, with services for dads and their sons? “Especially in this era where adult children are probably more in tune with grooming than their father’s generation, dads would probably appreciate this one, and feel cool to be hanging out with their son,” says Margaret. 

Kick-start a loyalty program
If a client brings their dad and he goes on to book his own appointments, reward him with a “Dad’s loyalty’ card or program, says Margaret. “I mean, Father’s Day is good, but repeat business is what we’re all after, right? And men of a certain age are an untapped market. Their generation missed out on the self-care and in-salon grooming memo. If you can convert them to regular customers, you’ll be winning.”