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Create a Positive Customer Experience

Create a Positive Customer Experience

You may offer the best smokey eye in town, the cleanest shave, the glossiest har colour or the most natural spray tan – but it means nothing if your customer doesn’t enjoy their experience. 

With the cost of living on the rise, people are being careful where they spend their cash, And while your work may be superb, if your customer doesn’t actually enjoy the process, there’s little chance they’ll be back.

Yes, product matters, as does price and convenience. But with so much competition around for those previous bookings, the actual experience needs to be exemplary too.

So, how to create a great customer experience? We’re glad you asked.

Be human
If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. “It means treating your customers like people, not just bookings on a system,” says customer service expert Jocelyn Chace. “Listen to what they have to say, regardless of whether it’s their opinion about your salon, or the fact that their dog just died. Show appreciation, empathy and understanding. Make a note of it ad refer to it next time they come in.”

Be an expert
Look, you went into business presumably because you’re good at what you do. Show your customer. “That doesn’t necessarily mean ramming it down their throat,” says Jocelyn. “But it can mean having a chat about something you’ve recently been part of, whether it’s training staff, or attending a show. Show our customer that you’re up to date on what’s going on in your industry.”

Provide value
We’re all watching our purse strings, that’s no secret. So customers want to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. “That doesn’t mean throwing a sale every other week. In fact, that can have the opposite effect as constant discounts can send the message that your service isn’t worth spending money on,” says Jocelyn. “Rather, offer a loyalty program, where their tenth treatment is free, or throw in an extra-long scalp massage. Anything to make them feel pampered, and yet valued, without attaching a price tag.”

Keep your focus on your customer
In an environment such as a hair salon where we work in such close proximity to our colleagues, it ca be tempting to carry on conversations that should be kept well away from the salon floor. “For starters, the only person you should be talking to is your customer, and if they’ve indicated that they would prefer not to make small talk, then that’s your signal to keep quiet too,” says Jocelyn. “Save your personal conversations with your colleagues for your lunch break. It’s not a good look.”

Don’t be a stranger
We get it, you see dozens of clients a week and so it’s easy to forget a face. That’s why you should be taking notes, Jocelyn says. “If your customer just told you she’s off to a wedding on the weekend, make a note of it in her file so you remember to ask her about it next time she comes in. Likewise if a customer tries a different treatment for the first time – remember to ask how they felt afterwards best time you see them.”