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Five business mantras for 2020

Five business mantras for 2020

And just like that, we find ourselves asking yet again ‘where did the year go?’ as officially we leave the 10s behind and head into the 20s, writes Mala McAlpin. Once you’ve sufficiently reflected on the joys that the final year of the decade brought with it, it’s time to look to the future, and all the many wonderful things to come.

We’ve put together a quick list of resolutions for all kinds of spa, wellness, clinic and aesthetic business for those looking for some motivation and inspiration as we head into the new year.

Say yes to opportunities
Put your hand up for opportunities that present themselves, even if you don’t feel ready. Nobody is ever truly ready. Remember that mistakes are how we learn, and when life gives us an opportunity, we should grab it with both hands and enjoy the journey.

Be authentic
You can’t please everyone. Focus on the things that you do well, and that drive your unique brand. Stop worrying about competitors. With such a saturated market, clients are looking for authenticity, for brands that stand for something and that have a story to share. Focus on creating a deeper connection with clients and patients based on this – this is what will create trust and a bond that will keep them coming back.

Be well
Don’t underestimate the power of wellness – there is a reason the industry is infatuated with the concept. As a business owner, or as a practitioner that dedicates so much energy to ensuring their clients’ happiness, keeping your own wellbeing top of mind is key to ensuring your best personal output, that you do your best work, and avoid burning out along the way. Introduce wellness practices to your personal life and to your team, and we guarantee you will see the positive results.

Stand up for causes you believe in
Whether it’s working towards sustainability, reducing waste, expanding services, introducing wellness initiatives or referral programs to improve client outcomes, or any number of things, work towards making it happen. Every movement begins with a single voice, so if you’re part of a team and would like to see some updates added throughout the business, why not share your thoughts and ideas with your manager or clinic owner?

Always learn
Continue learning. Education is key to improving your practice, increasing profits, improving your client and patient journey, improving the quality and working environment of your team, and basically every other component of your business you can think of! Surround yourself with those you can learn from, always question your practice and whether or not it can be improved, and attend conferences and events that can offer you relevant insights and education.

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