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ghd oracle revolutionises hair curling

ghd oracle revolutionises hair curling

ghd was the first to revolutionise the way we style our hair back in 2001 when it launched its iconic hair straightening irons. Now the cult-favourite brand has launched a first-of-its-kind hair curler that is set to change the way we curl hair too.

The perfect head of curls never seems fully achievable at home like it is after you walk out of the salon. Well, now you might just be able to create this look with ease with ghd’s newest release, the ghd Oracle.

The ghd oracle curler, uses patented breakthrough curl-zone technology to create curls easier than ever before. Combining the unique U shape, styling power of heat and setting effect of cooling, a vast variety of curls on all hair types is here, all in just one stroke. Sounds crazy but it’s true – we’ve tried it.

No matter which section of hair you’re styling, a slight tilt or change of angle will have you producing an array of different curls and waves, from loose and beachy to tighter, more uniformed locks.

“ghd oracle is the culmination of many years of research, resulting in a versatile professional tool that combines heat to shape the hair, with a cooling system to set the hair,” says Steve Elstein, ghd Vice President of product development and research. “This innovative tool heats hair to the optimum temperature of 185°C and then curls and sets the hair by crash cooling it with a temperature differential of over 100°C to ensure the style is set and that the curls last.”

ghd is going back to its professional roots with this tool, so to be able to produce salon-quality results at home. However, it’s recommended that you take on some training from the pros before purchasing. Selected ghd oracle experts will demonstrate how to achieve a variety of waves, curls and texture with the tool at selected salons where it is available for purchase. Visit the ghd website here to find out stockists nationwide.


Above: The newly-released ghd Oracle, $380.