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Global lash & brow trends for 2020

Global lash & brow trends for 2020

Along with playing a vital role in our eye health, both lashes and brows have long been a symbol of beauty. Beauty trends have come and gone but beautiful lashes and brows are still a major beauty focus globally.

Having been around since 2004, RevitaLash Cosmetics know a thing or two about beauty trends. They say that with ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ as the two biggest terms in beauty right now, people are wanting to emphasize naturally beautiful lashes and brows now more than ever.

Lori Jacobus, president of RevitaLash Cosmetics shares some of the trends they are seeing around lashes and brows.

One constant look on the runway is ‘Twiggy’ lashes – an iconic look Lori says will never go out of style. While Twiggy lashes are not necessarily an everyday look, the focus is still on lashes.

“Whether it’s a bold statement or a more natural look, strong healthy and beautiful lashes are always on trend.”

Lash extensions have been available for years now and RevitaLash don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon, especially with the number of lash bars and salons still growing. When lash extensions first became popular, the trend was to get dramatic, longer lashes. What they are seeing now is more natural in appearance lash extensions, especially among younger people in the millennial demographic.

The drive for more ‘natural’ beauty has also seen lash lifts becoming more popular. People are liking the idea of enhancing the look of their own lashes and often pair a lash lift with a good quality lash serum to achieve that coveted, long, natural lash look.

The focus is not only on lashes, but also on brows with micro-blading and tinting remain as strong as ever. What is being seen in a movement away from super bold brows with people favouring a softer, more natural brow look.

A new trend just beginning to see gain traction in New Zealand is brow laminating. Similar to a lash lift, brow laminating ‘perms’ your brows into a straight, brushed up look.

The beautiful lashes and full, bold brows trends show no signs of stopping. Lori says RevitaLash Cosmetics are still seeing massive growth internationally, particularly in their colour cosmetics products, such as RevitaLash Hi-Def tinted Brow Gels, RevitaLash Defining Eyeliner and RevitaLash Double Ended Volume Set Primer Mascara. Growth across Asia and Europe has increased in the last year with Asia up 47% and Europe growing 32%.

“Along with international growth, RevitaLash Cosmetics are proud to say that a staggering 6.2 million eyelash conditioners have been sold globally since 2007 and are honoured to say they have helped to beautify over 2 billion lashes,” she says.

“With a tube of RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner sold globally every 33 seconds and with 1 million tubes of RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioners sold since 2012, it is easy to say consumers are wanting to beautify, care for and nourish their lashes and brows, naturally.”

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