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Glossier axes makeup line Play

Glossier axes makeup line Play

Cult beauty brand Glossier is dropping its ‘Play’ makeup line, less than a year after launching it.

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Glossier founder and CEO Emily Weiss says they originally thought they needed a separate line to “differentiate more intense makeup product from less intense makeup product,” but later realised they could have just launched makeup products within the main line.

Play also faced criticism for excessive packaging and the inclusion of non-biodegradable glitter in the Glitter Gelée eye products.

Play products are still currently available on the website until March 2, when Glitter Gelée will be discontinued and the rest of the Play range (Colourside eye pencils, Vinylic Lip lacquers and Niteshine highlighters) will be integrated into the Glossier main line.

A new set of coloured lid tints, named Skywash, have also been released this week.

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