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Grin creates first-to-market natural fluoride toothpaste

Grin creates first-to-market natural fluoride toothpaste

This week saw New Zealand oral care company Grin Natural release a first-to-market natural toothpaste with fluoride.

The new toothpaste with fluoride, which comes in both adult and child versions, still leaves out the harmful chemicals found in many conventional toothpastes, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), parabens, triclosan, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

“We have noticed a growing demand in the market from customers and parents who would like a natural toothpaste, free from harmful chemicals, that contains fluoride. As a result, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new, completely unique toothpaste option that combines natural plus fluoride to the oral care market,” says Grin GM Tara Tan.

Grin Natural Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride 100g (RRP$6.99), delivers a thorough clean with the added benefit of 1000 ppm of fluoride (dentist recommended strength) and also features baking soda, propolis extract and organic sea salt to aid in restoring the natural whiteness of teeth by gently removing stains whilst keeping bacteria in check.

Grin Kid’s Natural Berry-Licious Toothpaste with Fluoride 70g (RRP$6.99) is specifically formulated to give the kindest treatment to baby teeth, with organic Calendula oil, organic sea salt and organic aloe vera and added fluoride (1000 ppm). Flavoured with natural berry, it’s suitable for ages six months and above.

“Grin’s new toothpastes bring a unique and exciting addition to the oral care market,” says Nic Anderson, lead dentist (BDS), and founder of Alpers Dental.

“This innovation is one that I’m confident will please many customers who are now looking for a healthier and more natural toothpaste but don’t wish to forgo fluoride.”

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