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Hair how-to: accessorised sleek ponytail

Hair how-to: accessorised sleek ponytail

The first in a series of three hair how-to’s in collaboration with Cloud Nine, this intricate yet slick style by Renya Xydis is easier than it looks.

1. Start by creating a deep side part on the top of the head.

2. Create a small braid down the part line, securing at the crown of the head with a small clear elastic. Attach Kela charms along the braid as close together as possible.


3. Pass the Wide Iron through the hair until all hair is smooth and straight.

4. Sweep all hair into a low pony at the base the neck, securing tightly with an elastic.


5. Using the Cloud Nine pin bristle paddle brush and the Wide Iron, pass through the ponytail to ensure the hair is straight.

6. Tie a thick bow around the ponytail, then tie a thin piece of ribbon around the pony leaving out about 10cm to attach more Kela charms.

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