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Hair-loss surgeons launch YouTube show

Hair-loss surgeons launch YouTube show

When two of Australia’s leading hair-loss surgeons got fed up with the false information regarding hair loss and its treatment, they decided to tackle the issue head-on. Doctors Russell Knudsen and Vikram Jayaprakash figured the best way to counter the misleading information online was to fight it where it mattered – they launched a new hair loss show on YouTube. And in a matter of a few months, the Hair Loss Show has gained almost 200,000 of YouTube views.

Dr Russell Knudsen is a world-leading expert in the field of hair loss treatments and the founder of the highly respected Knudsen Clinic. He has over 35 years of experience and has performed more than 8,000 hair transplants.

Dr Vikram Jayaprakash is a Board Diplomate Hair Restoration Surgeon who trained under Dr Knudsen and has been performing Hair Transplant procedures for nine years.

The Hair Loss Show already has 27 episodes and in just a few months, has attracted over 4000 subscribers and four million impressions. The Hair Loss Show’s most popular episode so far is titled ‘Side Effects of Finasteride’, which currently has over 42,000 views on YouTube.

“Unfortunately, Australian education about hair health is sorely lacking. Most Australians don’t understand how to maintain healthy hair or know what to do when they start losing it. It’s only when people start having hair problems that they suddenly start doing their research,” Dr Knudsen said.

“We wanted to create a forum where people can learn about hair loss from the comfort of their own home. Most Australians don’t have the time and money to speak to a hair expert directly, but almost every Australian has an internet connection. We made the show online so it’s as accessible as possible.”

According to Dr Jayaprakash, so much time during consultations is spent correcting the false information that patients have consumed. “There is a lot of scaremongering and false information that is prevalent on the internet.”

“The response to the show has been outstanding. We get a lot of questions on the comments section of our videos. A lot more than we expected! We’re planning on filming more Q&A episodes so we can give some in-depth answers to people’s questions,” Dr Knudsen said.

“We’re doing something no one else has tried and we’re finding that a lot of people are extremely grateful. There’s probably been the demand for a hair loss show for quite some time, and we just happened to be the first people to notice.”

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