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How to thrive when things get stressful

How to thrive when things get stressful

Whether you’re a salon owner or employee, there is one thing you’ll be able to agree on – working in the beauty industry can be a bit of a pressure-cooker environment. From back-to-back bookings, late-running clients, and spending the day on your feet, stress can seep in and take hold. Here are some techniques for when the going gets tough.

Human beings work well under pressure
“Some of us naturally know how to work well under pressure, even those who are not so naturally gifted learn to adapt,” says programmes management expert Ronda Hakim. “Because we are survivalists, we love challenges and we like to accomplish difficult tasks that keep us going. People mostly succeed rather than fail under pressure.”
It’s an interesting way to flip your view of pressure on its head; by not viewing it as a negative, but rather embrace it and see it as an opportunity.

Evaluate the challenges and risks you take
Evaluation usually gives us the means to handle pressure. Once our minds are clear, we can think of solutions rather than focus solely on the problem itself. “One of the main factors to consider in avoiding pressure is saying ‘no’ as much as you say ‘yes,’ advises Ronda. “If you know that a task can be done, then it will be. If you think it can’t be done, this evaluation gives you the opportunity to turn it around and figure out a way that it can be done.”

Maintain control
Your reactions to different challenges are part of the learning process, and can have a knock-on effect as to how other staff in the salon react to the same stresses. It’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and take some time to think about the challenge – whether it’s how to cut costs in the salon, or how to approach staff appraisals. “Make sure to ask the right questions, which will enable you to understand your opportunities better, even in the middle of difficult situations. This way, you maintain control, solve problems and set an example for your team,” says Ronda.

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