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How You Can Take Part In World Wellness Weekend This September

How You Can Take Part In World Wellness Weekend This September

Empowering communities and elevating guest experiences with Jean-Guy, founder of World Wellness Weekend.

The World Wellness Weekend (WWW) is back for its 7th edition this September. This global initiative aims to promote good health and well-being for all by encouraging venues in 150 countries to organise at least one free and fun activity, which in turn supports one of the United Nation’s goals of “Good Health & Wellbeing For All”. With 8,000 venues participating this year, WWW provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to inspire and empower their communities.

At the heart of the World Wellness Weekend are the 5 Pillars of Wellness: Sleep & Creativity, Nutrition & Immunity, Movement & Vitality, Mindfulness & Serenity, and Sense of Purpose & Solidarity. These pillars represent the fundamental aspects of a holistic approach to well-being. As guests plan their activities, they may consider which pillar is most important to them and their community. By focusing on their chosen pillar, guests can create a program that addresses specific wellness needs and preferences.

The World Wellness Weekend presents an exciting platform for businesses to inspire and empower their communities. By organising free and fun activities, attendees contribute to the United Nations’ goal of achieving good health and well-being for all. Embracing the 5 Pillars of Wellness and incorporating creativity, mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and a sense of purpose, guests can create a program that resonates with their community’s needs.

The 6th World Wellness Weekend witnessed remarkable achievements and experiences from venues around the world. By incorporating innovative and creative activities, many businesses stood out and were featured in the post-event media release.

Jean-Guy, the visionary behind the World Wellness Weekend, is a renowned figure in the wellness industry. In 2017, he conceptualised and launched this global event with the aim of promoting well-being and inspiring individuals worldwide.

With Jean-Guy’s (pictured) extensive experience, passion for well-being, and commitment to excellence, he has become a respected figure and thought leader in the wellness community. His contributions have not only transformed the way businesses approach guest experiences but have also empowered individuals to prioritise their health and well-being.

The World Wellness Weekend stands as a testament to Jean-Guy’s vision and dedication to promoting well-being on a global scale. Through his leadership and expertise, he has created a platform that brings together communities, businesses, and individuals to celebrate and embrace the importance of wellness in our lives.

If you and/or your business would like to organise an activity for World Wellness Weekend, you can do so here.

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