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Innovative magnetic lashes arrive in NZ

Innovative magnetic lashes arrive in NZ

Reusable, quick and easy to apply and with no glue required, the innovative new Glam Pro system from Manicare has New Zealand falsie fans batting their lashes.

How does it work? Each lash of the Glam Pro Magnetic Lashes ($15.99) includes three lightweight, discreetly placed micro magnets for optimal contact and hold power. These magnets work with the Glam Pro Magnetising Eyeliner ($49.99) by binding with the invisible magnetising particles in the liner formula.

Create any sleek eye look using the precise, long lasting and smudge proof Glam Pro Magnetising Eyeliner then simply ‘click’ the magnetic lashes into place on top for a seamless finish.

Glam Pro Magnetic Lashes are easy to remove and reapply so you can transition from day to night in seconds. Being magnetic, there’s no residual glue, so the lashes can be used for up to 20 wears. The liner lasts for up to 50 applications.

The lashes come in two styles – Willow, delicately criss-crossed lashes for a natural and beautiful finish, and Khloe, a multi-dimensional lash style for a full textured, intense look.

The easy three step application process will have you applying lashes like a pro:
1. Try on your lashes to check fit and trim if needed without completely cutting off the outer magnets.
2. Apply eyeliner on the top of eyelid along natural lash line or bring it out further for a dramatic wing. Leave to dry for 60 seconds.
3. Using your index finger and thumb, lay down magnetic lashes on top of liner and click into place.

A final tip from the Glam Pro team is to use a generous amount of liner and feel free to add another layer or two in order to build up the magnetic particles to ensure maximum hold.

For more information, visit manicare.co.nz.

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