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Kiwi waxing brand Marzena gets sustainable makeover

Kiwi waxing brand Marzena gets sustainable makeover

Launched in New Zealand in 1988, Marzena was founded by an intrepid Kiwi and a Spanish beauty who on relocating back to New Zealand discovered the at-home hair removal product category to be lacking.

Fast-forward to November 2019, and Marzena now offers consumers a selection of sustainable and natural premium wax products and hair-removal lotions. It has also recently renovated its packaging to reflect the horizon of the ocean and place the founders first met.

“Here at Marzena we’re refreshingly honest and passionate about having open and fulfilling conversations with our customers,” says Marzena’s head of marketing and innovation Jane McCowan.

“We’ve done our research and made some timely changes to our brand look and feel – changes that reflect our product efficacy and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”


The new, natural-driven wax formula is free from parabens and mineral oils and enriched with Hemp Seed Oil to help calm your skin during the treatment. The formula is dermatologically tested and created from sustainably sourced pine tree resin to ensure stubborn short hairs are stripped fresh, leaving no straggler behind. The 100% bio-compostable clear cellophane wax strips gently pull hair from the root, leaving skin fresh and hair free for up to four weeks at a time.

“Marzena is a mindset,” says McCowan. “Our waxing ranges take the thought out of consuming consciously. In offering shoppers the nation’s most sustainable at-home hair removal system, Marzena does the leg work for you. Our products keep your body freshly smooth the eco-friendly way and we couldn’t be prouder to be sharing our innovative formula and updated packaging with New Zealand.”

New natural, bio-compostable strips are just the beginning for the brand, with further recycled and biodegradable materials rolling across the range throughout 2020.

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