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Kiwi beauty brand Aleph drops new product

Kiwi beauty brand Aleph drops new product

Cult Kiwi makeup brand Aleph has released its latest cult product in the form of a dual serum/primer.

Aleph Beauty Serum / Primer has been formulated with the naturally anti-inflammatory Tsubaki Oil, a long-time favourite of both Japanese and Chinese medicinal traditions. This treasured ingredient is the secret behind the ancient geisha’s flawless skin texture, known for promoting a healthy, natural collagen synthesis and improving skin’s elasticity.

Finding a formula that is sustainable, stable and performant at the same time hasn’t been an easy task says Auckland-based professional makeup artist and Aleph Beauty founder Emma Peters.

“The development of this skincare hero took months of research and testing to ensure the comprehensive formula delivers on many levels,” says Peters.

“We crafted the Serum / Primer to be as multi-functional as our other products. No matter where you intend to use it in your beauty regime, it works as a natural collagen production booster, a performant skin cell metaboliser, a deeply nourishing moisturiser, a powerful skin barrier protector, a vitamin C-powered natural antioxidant and a supercharged primer.”

Infused with Bluebird hibiscus plant extracts, macadamia oil and oil-free jojoba, milk thistle extract, Kakadu Plum seed oil and East Indian sandalwood, the Serum / Primer works at a cellular level to counter the natural weakening of skin’s metabolism, delivering faster and greater nourishment.

The milk thistle extract strengthens the skin barrier, naturally protecting it from external free radicals but also retaining optimum levels of moisture to keep it as healthy and young looking as possible, for a longer time. It also makes this supercharged primer an excellent prep option. Fresh upon applying and quickly absorbed into the skin, your skin is left feeling silky smooth and nourished.

The Northern Australian fruit wonder, Kakadu Plum seed oil is well known for its skin brightening properties and boosting radiance.

Finally, the delicate yet subtle scent of East Indian sandalwood soothes the skin as much as the mind. Known for its soothing and calming skincare properties as much as for its caring, warm scent, sandalwood rounds up this effective, sustainable and stable formula in the most comforting way.

With the brand’s ethos of ‘People, Planet and Animal friendly beauty’ centred around caring about the world we live in, and sustainability being at the core of everything Aleph Beauty does, the serum contains no water.

Helping to reduce water consumption, the Serum / Primer is a sustainable choice for those looking to boost radiance and fight the visible signs of ageing. This all-natural product and its active ingredients have been selected with absolute care and sourced as ethically as possible.

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