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Model behaviour with Elle Macpherson

Model behaviour with Elle Macpherson

There is a reason Elle Macpherson is known as ‘The Body’ – the five time cover girl of Sports Illustrated and countless glossy magazines looks the epitomy of health.

While a strict beauty and exercise regime has helped keep her in shape she also reveals it’s been her green approach to ingestibles that give her a glow.

In 2014, she had a beauty business light bulb moment and decided to launch her own powerful formula known as the Super Elixir Greens with Australian company WelleCo which is stocked in beauty salons across Australia. Here she reveals her beauty secrets and plans for the year ahead.

Tell us why you launched the Super Elixir?

“I’ve always been captivated by the idea of merging health and beauty with pure natural products and resources, so as co-founder, WelleCo’s initial concept was a natural personal evolution.

In 2014, when I turned 50, I decided to celebrate by sharing a transformative super greens formula I had been taking created with my nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher PhD. The results I experienced whilst taking it changed my life, so much so, that it then went on to become WelleCo’s standout hero product, the Super Elixir Greens.”

With so many years being in the spotlight how important is it for you to lead a healthy lifestyle?  

“Adopting a plant-based diet, healthy lifestyle choices, balanced physical and emotional health, and discovering the body’s ability to heal itself – it provided the right environment and proved a real turning point for me. I realised the power of taking responsibility for my own health and wellness journey. This has since become a foundational core value of our company WelleCo. Our aim is help empower people to positively influence their health.”

What has the reaction been like to the range? 

“Our loyal and ever-growing list of global customers has confidence in our elixirs, love the products, and see and feel the benefits every day. Twenty-somethings rave about its skin-boosting qualities and digestive support – and busy mothers’ notice increased vitality and recognise how our all-in-one Elixir, full of vitamins and minerals, and our clean plant protein powder, can help with nutrition, time management and flexibility around meal times.”

Are the ingredients sourced in Australia? 

Premium plant-based nutrients are at the very core of our products, so wherever the very best ingredients can be found is where we source them from, be it in Australia (our seaweed is from Tasmania and Kakadu Plum from the Northern Territory) or abroad.

What do you think is the lure of this Australian based beauty company?

“Australians are renowned for being discerning, health conscious, curious and authentic. Because we search for what’s clean and best for our health, we ask lots of questions – is this ingredient sustainably sourced and where did it come from? What practices were used to make this food?  What is in our food? and How will it benefit my body? As an Australian-based company that prides itself on only using premium wholefood nutrients formulated by nutritional doctors, we ask, and answer these questions for our customers. I feel that this, combined with being a brand that has spearheaded the ingestible wellness and plant-based movement, has allowed us to formulate products that answer those questions. I believe this is why our customers are so committed to our elixirs.”

How important are ingestibles as part of a healthy regime in everyday life?

“The modern consumer cares about the appearance of their skin, accelerated ageing and invests in a quality regime; it makes perfect sense that this regime includes nourishment from within and at a cellular level. Since launching in 2014, the industry has gained significant momentum, especially at the premium end, and plant-based supplements remain key to our business. We are proud to have led this revolutionary change in the wellness sector.”

Tell us your best piece of beauty advice…

“For a healthy complexion getting a good night’s sleep is a must! I have learned to be a better sleeper in recent years – I am a solid seven hours a night girl now.  We need our beauty sleep, it’s a scientific fact. I learned from Dr Laubscher, that amongst other detoxes and regeneration, the outer or top layer of our skin comprises tightly-packed dead skin cells, which are constantly shed throughout the day. During deep sleep, the skin’s metabolic rate speeds up which helps with repair. Whether it’s damage from factors such as ultraviolet rays or internal toxic overload from too many late nights, we really do need our ‘beauty sleep’.”

Any pre-sleep rituals?

“For quality beauty sleep, I brew a pot of WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Tea and spritz Sleep Welle Calming Mist.  The lavender scent really adds to the sense of calm I try to create before bed.  If I still have trouble calming my mind, I’ll lie on my back, place my feet up the wall, and stretch my arms (like the yoga pose viparita karani). It has an immediate meditative effect on me. All I need is five minutes like that and I’m calm and ready for sleep.”

You are known for your natural beauty – are there any products that you simply can’t live without?

“It sounds obvious but water is essential to brain health, overall wellness and for great skin because our bodies are made up of trillions of tiny cells which all need to be hydrated. By drinking two to three litres of water a day (everyone is different apparently in how much they need) This translates to the way our skin looks and how our body functions. I drink about 3 litres of water a day – sipped all day.”

Typically I love RMS concealers and cheek glow. They’re organic and have a similar texture to the skin, so always look fresh but don’t clog my pores or sit on top of my skin like a mask. This, along with a dusting of light powder applied with a fine brush, is all I need to feel face dressed.”

What is beauty to you? 

“Over the years my idea of beauty has changed. In my 20s, I believed there was a correlation between beauty and youth, but as I’ve matured I’ve realised that beauty and wellness are more aligned. Consistently re-evaluating personal, business, beauty and wellness choices help me evolve and stay relevant. Most importantly in my 50’s, (I’m 54) I’ve learned to laugh and not take things too personally these days.”

Favourite beauty treatment?

“I’m more of a wellness girl. And the great thing I’ve discovered is that if you look after your body from the inside, the skin and body looks after itself. I believe in wellness as a prevention from illness.

A home treatment that I find phenomenal for the quality of my skin and the capacity of my body to detox, regenerate and function well is my infrared sauna.  I’ll meditate, read or call a friend for a catch up whilst sitting in it in the evenings. There’s a great company called Therasage, who sell a portable version where your head stays out, which is nice because it gets up to 140 to 170 degrees. I also love a good massage to get the lymph system going and blood flowing – I feel it’s really important to nurture the spirit and body – and regular massage is a great way to start.”

Can you share with us your plans for business expansion?

“Our new line of super boosters is currently launching. They are therapeutic bioactive formulations designed for targeted support. There are seven to choose from, including Aquatic Collagen Skin + Hair + Nails, Bone Strength + Joint Health, and Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum. I listen to what my body needs and choose the appropriate booster. I either add a single vial to water or combine with my daily WelleCo Super Elixir Greens.

For instant energy I like Women’s Libido + Hormone Support Super Booster. It’s a medicinal blend of herbs and adaptogens that help balance hormones naturally and increase vitality and libido. And it tastes deliciously of fresh raspberries and peach flesh!”

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