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Natural skincare poised for growth

Natural skincare poised for growth

The demand for natural skincare products is “poised for growth” according to a US study which found that more than a third of consumers would like to buy products with “natural and chemical-free” attributes, writes Jenny Berich.

The study of 2000 households “representative of the US population based on geography, gender, age, race and income”, concluded that the growth of “better-for-you” products has never been stronger, and the natural skin care category is charting a similar course.

Jointly released by Hamacher Resource Group and Linkage Research & Consulting, the report found that growing consumer demand for natural skin products will be led by younger consumers.

Other key findings in the report include:

  • 72% of skincare consumers agree that their skin is just like any other organ
  • 88% of skincare consumers agree that they can nourish their skin with the food they eat
  • 50% of skincare consumers report they are currently seeking skin care products that claim to be all-natural or free of synthetic chemicals
  • 33% of skincare consumers indicate they would like to buy products with natural and chemical-free attributes
  • 30% of skincare consumers report increasing their natural purchases in the last year.

The top natural attributes consumers report that they want to start buying are CBD as an ingredient (40%), plant-based (39%), sustainable (38%), and organic (37%).

The report also found that natural skincare consumers are shopping outside traditional retail.

“The top two channels in which consumers prefer to shop for skin care products are mass (66%) and drugstores (39%) while those increasing their natural skin care purchases are shopping more channels to meet their needs,” the report said.

“They over-index on shopping Amazon (41%), beauty specialty (32%), and natural grocery stores (17%).”

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