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No-fail hacks for branding your salon

No-fail hacks for branding your salon

Whether you’re a new salon ready to hit the market, or a long-timer looking for a refresh, getting your branding right is paramount to the success of your business. Building awareness and recognition of your salon is of utmost importance in a field as competitive as this one. Here’s how to make sure you get it right.

Logo is king
Your logo needs to be on absolutely everything, from your salon window to your staff’s uniform. It identifies your brand to the market and should, ideally, be a calling card about your service, customer experience and expertise.

Say your name
Stop referring to your business as “the salon” and start referring to it by its real name, just as you would a child. Calling it by its name gives it an identity and gives it a place in people’s awareness. It reinforces its importance and its uniqueness, setting it apart from other salons.

Stay on top of social media
Post – and post often. Ensure that your profile image is your logo, and keep the tone in keeping with the identify of the business. For example, if your target market is millenials, speak in language and colloquialisms relevant to them.

Be consistent
Does the inside of your salon look the way it does online? Ensure that the colour scheme in your actual salon is complementary to the styling used on your branding collateral, social media and website.

Get involved with the community
Co-branding with a large, local event is a sure-fire way to gain exposure for your business and build your brand awareness. For example, partnering with a fundraiser for bushfire relief will put your business right in front of the people you want in your salon. Ensure your logo appears on all collateral, offer services as prizes and meet and greet the locals.

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