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OFF&ON launches its first Botox Bars

OFF&ON launches its first Botox Bars

This November sees the launch of New Zealand’s first specialist Botox Bar by OFF&ON.

OFF & ON’s latest offering combines the team’s extensive brow artistry experience with the best in New Zealand appearance medicine, backed by parent company the Skin Institute.

Founder Nicky Shore says the addition of Botox to OFF&ON’s range of treatments is a natural extension of its essential services with the support and the medical oversight of Skin Institute.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch OFF&ON’s Botox Bar and continue to ensure our offering is the most relevant and progressive possible. This is possible now as we are backed by the most trusted and very best in skin health and appearance medicine alongside Skin Institute.”

“But this is not injectables as you know it. Partnering with Botox, the world leader in anti-wrinkle injectable treatments, OFF&ON’s aim is to demystify injectables and give you your believable best,” says Nicky.

Victoria Litchfield, OFF&ON registered nurse says OFF&ON’s decade of brow experience means the team have become masters in facial mapping, understanding ratios, balance and proportion.

“Our skilled and highly trained nurses come with, the often elusive, aesthetic ‘eye’ and appreciate the difference even the smallest tweak can make. They also understand that no two people are the same.

“When it comes to Botox it’s all about keeping it real, and this is the mantra our team of specialists follow. The OFF&ON Botox Bar philosophy is grounded in believable, natural results and the right application for the individual.

“From recent research we’ve carried out, we’ve found Kiwis believe that Botox is as much about how you feel as how you look. Seventy percent of respondents believed that injectables help you feel more self-confident. Whether it’s ageing positively and gracefully, feeling like a better fresher version of yourself or opting for some preventative maintenance, our aim is for a believable result,” Victoria says.

OFF&ON has also created the ‘OFF&ON Botox Bank’ – bundles of units that can be purchased and used as required for treatments, with any unused units ‘saved’ in the ‘Botox Bank Account’ for future treatments or ‘tweakments’.

OFF&ON Botox Bar Britomart, Newmarket and Takapuna are now open, OFF&ON Botox Bar Wellington and Christchurch will launch on 14 February, 2020.

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