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Redken and Foil Me partner up

Redken and Foil Me partner up

International hair conglomerate Redken has teamed up with South Australia’s own Foil Me on a mission to create a must-have game changing set of foils, writes Shannon Gaitz.

The foils are specifically designed for Redken’s PH Flash Lift Bonder, with exclusive alloy, microns and matte black coating that makes it truly unique and follows on from Foil Me’s ethos of creating fun, original, quality foils.

“The Redken x Foil Me foils provide a convenient, clean, easy and fuss free alternative to tediously shaping and ripping your own foils,” said Redken Artist Marie Cain.

“They are an absolute game-changer with their grip technology and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye with their unique, matte black finishing. The foils are my go-to for lightening, and are particularly perfect when paired with Redken’s PH Flash Lift Bonder!”

We chatted to Foil Me Co founder and creative director Emily Ciardiello about the partnership.

How did the collaboration with Redken start?
In April 2018, Redken’s trade marketing manager at the time, Sophie Frakes, approached us and suggested a partnership with Foil Me. She had noticed that our cult-like status and reputation in the global hairdressing industry was gaining momentum and she loved that we were (are) disruptors; turning the foiling industry on its head by ensuring colourists and salon clients alike are treated to a luxury and a high-end experience when it comes to foiling.

She had also seen the collaborations we had done with industry greats such as Sheree Knobel (2017 release of the pretty pink The Knobel collection) and Jaye Edwards (2018 collaboration with the stunning aquamarine The Edwards compendium) and how successful they had been (and still are) in building brand awareness for both Foil Me and Jaye and Sheree. We were of course very eager to get started with Redken – we knew what a fantastic brand they were (are) so we enthusiastically agreed!

What does the brand alignment mean to you?
We love what Redken stands for – innovation, creativity, community, luxury high end products with an edge of quirkiness or cool, which is exactly what we emanate and our core values are based on too so becoming a partner with Redken was only natural. We are so grateful that Redken sees the value we bring to the industry and we just can’t wait to see how enthusiastically our foils are received!

Why did you decide on a black foil?
Redken’s branding is black and we were planning on releasing a black foil a few months before we were approached, so it made perfect sense to release a black foil with Redken.

Apart from the signature Foil Me embossing, is there anything special about this foil?
Yes, this particular type of foil is specifically designed for Redken’s Flash Lift Bonder, which requires a special type of alloy in order for it to function effectively so it is a ‘must have’ accompaniment with the bonder product. We also wanted to create a matte black hair foil as it looks very sleek and high end – on brand for Foil Me – with the combination of the unique alloy and the matte black finish, this foil is the first of its kind globally.

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