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Cleansing and treatment skin solutions that delve deep

Cleansing and treatment skin solutions that delve deep

Cleansing skin daily releases it from accumulated toxins, ensuring better penetration of active ingredients while enhancing skin renewal and rejuvenation. However, when skin is cleansed with performance products, visible skin condition is also optimised.

mesoestetic’s carefully curated facial hygiene range contains performance products with different textures and specific active ingredients designed to meet the needs of each skin type. The range is also formulated with post-biotics to provide an effective cleansing, antioxidant, anti-pollution and bio-balancing action, promoting skin flora and perfect pH balance in the skin.

Latest additions to the mesoestetic facial hygiene range:

  • brightening foam – this water-based cleanser creates a pleasant, creamy foam and has a bio-balancing and anti-pollution action with gentle AHA’s to help refine skin for a visible radiant glow. The presence of glycolic acid and lactic acid at a low concentration assists in improving the appearance of skin texture and quality, helping to visibly renew and brighten normal and combination skin types.
  • micellar biphasic – a potent and skin-friendly biphasic make-up remover that’s suitable for the delicate eye and lip area. Ideal for all skin types, it combines micelles with a plant oil rich in omega 6, to gently remove impurities and makeup (including waterproof make-up) in a single step. Providing postbiotic and an anti-pollution action, it removes every last particle of makeup, leaving the eye contour area feeling smooth with no oily residue.

Micelles encapsulate impurities and make-up while sunflower seed oil effectively removes the most resistant make-up, leaving skin feeling supple and smooth.

  • ultimate micropeel – this micro-exfoliating at-home peel treatment provides a smooth renewing action on the skin surface, helping remove dead skin for a more visibly refined texture. It helps smooth out imperfections, instantly enhancing skin radiance and luminosity.

The combination of AHA’s with an enzyme exfoliant provides a weekly exfoliating, renewing action on the skin surface to reveal a smoother, more supple and brighter complexion.


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