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Press & Clear is Revolutionising the BHA Skin Care Game

Press & Clear is Revolutionising the BHA Skin Care Game

Featuring a unique, slow-release encapsulation technology and a barrier-friendly pH ~5.5, Press & Clear is as gentle on the skin as it is effective.

Medik8’s cutting-edge approach to formulating Press & Clear, recognises that blemish-prone skin is sensitive skin – and should therefore be treated as such. While there’s a common misconception that salicylic acid needs to be at a low pH to be effective on the skin, research shows it is just as efficient at a more neutral pH of ~5.5 – and this alleviates the common pain points of BHAs such as dryness, general irritation and greasy textures. In fact, every aspect of Press & Clear is designed to avoid these downsides; from the pH itself and delivery technology, to the experience-enhancing texture and expertly-combined ingredients.  This is a BHA, but better.

The formulation contains maximum strength (2%) salicylic acid which is oil soluble and able to penetrate deep into the pores to break down blockages which can lead to blemishes and congestion. This blemish-busting hero promotes a visibly clarified complexion while remaining non-irritating on the skin thanks to the gentle-release encapsulation system. The system slowly releases the salicylic acid to avoid causing any discomfort to sensitive, vulnerable skins while maintaining ongoing effectiveness. This combined with the pH of ~5.5 means Press & Clear ensures a skin barrier-friendly experience which can be enjoyed up to twice per day.

This innovative tonic offers a never-before-seen BHA balance between power and gentleness – all in a water-based, non-sticky and non-greasy formula.

Additionally, Press & Clear’s packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, helping reduce plastic waste with a recyclable bottle and refillable option to accompany the reusable pump. The pump can be reused up to 5 times. As with all Medik8 formulas, Press & Clear is also 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Press & Clear is proven to help visibly clarify the skin in just 7 days*

94% found Press & Clear to be non-stinging on their sensitive, blemish-prone skin*

*Proven via independent consumer study conducted on 52 participants with sensitive, blemish-prone skins.

URL https://www.medik8.com.au/press-clear.html

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