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Dr Zunaid Alli shares why WiQo is his go-to skin treatment

Dr Zunaid Alli shares why WiQo is his go-to skin treatment
  • Why WiQo?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the treatment did produce good results for patients who noticed the changes in their skin quality, texture, and tone.

The treatment replaced many different chemical skin resurfacing treatments, with differing strengths, indications, and respective downtimes that I had previously used in clinic. This brought down my product costs tremendously as I was now able to treat multiple indications with a single product.

The downtime is minimal if anything and my patients love this. Also, the aftercare is simple, with just a few affordable products and no complex regimens to follow which has meant better results with happy patients.

The company also provides good, evidence-based data and the treatment produces noticeable results which sets it apart from other products.

  • What makes WiQo Lifting & Brightening Programme unique?

Results are seen after a single session with WiQo Lifting & Brightening Programme. Patients feel that their skin is smoother, lighter with a textural improvement. The home care products are effective and help patients to prolong the effects of the WiQo One treatment in the months after their course is completed. 

The greatest benefit is the virtually non-existent downtime which places WiQo Lifting & Brightening program head and shoulders above any potential competitor. There may be light flaking at the most in the days after, but nothing observable which is great as there is no work and personal disruption.

  • WiQo ROI?

The most important parameter that I use to evaluate a new treatment before bringing it into clinic is cost to benefit for both the clinic in terms of revenue and cost and affordability for the patient. The less consumables and stock that the clinic requires, the better. This is easy to achieve with the WiQo portfolio of not only professional treatment products, but with aftercare for retail sales.


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