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The future of ageing

The future of ageing

New technologies are driving change for further advancements within the aesthetic and well-being industry. Margaret Koumbarakos, founder of BeautyMedix. A luxury medispa based in Brighton, Victoria offering only the latest, safest and proven technologies reveals how to keep ahead of the tech game.

We all want to look and feel our best at any age without compromising long term skin health and well-being. Microneedling, radio frequency and LED therapy have proven to be the foundation of regenerative ageing. These established technologies introduced the virtues of harvesting the body’s own healing properties in the quest to stay youthful and relevant in a society consumed by social media images of perfection and ageless beauty.


Technological advancements have seen disparate and sophisticated technologies combined to create fractional radiofrequency microneedling (FRFM). Put simply, FRFM is a minimally invasive technology at the forefront of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Collagen is responsible for tensile strength and elasticity of the skin. Production and density both decrease as a function of age, and results in sagging, jowling and wrinkling. FRFM is treating conditions such as laxity, wrinkles, ageing and scarring with minimal risk, downtime and commitment.

Microneedling procedures can be traced as far back as 1905 to the work of dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer. In 1995, the treatment was refined by Dr Desmond Fernandes to treat wrinkles and scars. Microneedling is now well established in the surgical and aesthetics industry and is recognised as being particularly beneficial in the regenerative processes of the face and body, so much so that we have seen the proliferation of home devices gain popularity because of the perceived benefits of treatment from ageing to acne.


Vivace deploys precision engineering to overcome the limitations of traditional and some rudimentary microneedling tools which can cause microscopic tearing, trauma and dragging of the skin manifesting as bleeding during treatment, short-term redness, irritation, swelling, discomfort and scabbing post treatment. Whereas Vivace utilises a robotic step motor triggering microscopic sterile, gold plated needles. The precise radio frequency is delivered simultaneously via insulated needles with virtually zero end-point bleeding, penetrating the skin with 36 sterile gold tipped surgical probes at a depth of up to 3.5milimetres, with minimal trauma or drag to the skin. Vivace uniquely allows for energy to be delivered to the dermis via the Patented Circuit Board (PCB) in a chevron, zig zag pattern, across the motherboard with 18 negative and 18 positive probes distributing precise controlled thermal energy evenly to the skin. It has proven to be highly versatile tailoring a positive clinical solution for clients.


FDA approved Radiofrequency therapy, applied to the skin, is widely accepted within the aesthetic industry as the approach for tauter, tighter skin. The governing principal of this technology is the controlled delivery of thermal energy to heat the cellular matrix. This causes collagen fibres within the skin to shrink, tighten and undergo a wound healing response integral to the natural regenerative process of the body. It creates a desired inflammatory thermal effect on the skin responsible for the cosmetic gains and improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening and contouring of the face and body regardless of skin colour or heritage.

During the RF microneedling procedure Vivace delivers both red and blue LED therapy. This phototherapy is an incredibly safe and non-invasive treatment for all skin types without any pain, downtime or recovery time post treatment

Vivace offers advantages over other modalities to treat acne and acne scarring. A limitation in treating acne scarring with fractional lasers has been the risk of hyperpigmentation, particularly in darker Fitzpatrick skin types. This makes fractionated RF an attractive alternative modality for treating skin laxity and acne scarring regardless of skin colour.


The combination of microneedling, LED and radiofrequency have established the Vivace RF as a standout treatment when compared to each alternative treatment independently. It has proven to be highly versatile tailoring a positive clinical solution for skin rejuvenation, CIT and repair for various parts of the face and body. Vivace RF Microneedling is the friendliest of its genre and has no downtime with minimal discomfort. It is regenerative and allows us to engage the natural healing and regenerative properties of the body.