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The impact of music on wellness

The impact of music on wellness

The incorporation of holistic wellness and mindfulness techniques into spa treatments continues to grow; with deep breathing, meditation or room cleansing (using palo santo or mists) almost must-have components of the modern massage, body treatment or spa facial, writes Mala McAlpin.

Another fast-growing technique is the incorporation of music, including the use of traditional and Ayurvedic sound-based meditation methods like Tibetan Singing Bowls, or the more modernistic style of guided meditation over the top of healing spa soundtracks.

One example of this is endota’s recently launched Hydration & Meditation retail pack, which allows clients to take their facial home – enjoying one of the sheet masks contained inside while they pop in some headphones to indulge in the pack’s meditation session, with soothing nature sounds and visuals displayed on a small screen within.

Another is the Ginger & Me Mindfulness Facial, carried out by the brand’s stockists (including QLD’s Laser Skin Centre and Perth’s Beaute Boudoir). Using the signature Ginger & Me headsets, facial recipients are taken through a guided music-based mindfulness session during their mask, designed to calm, refresh and inspire.

The intrinsic link between wellness and music has now inspired the conception of yet another fascinating initiative – Sydney’s first wellness music festival, Zoneout. The one-day festival, held at Carriageworks September 28th, will feature international and Australian neo-classical artists, yoga sessions, panel discussions and film screenings, with a line-up of experts discussing all things music & mindfulness, and the complex and compelling relationship between music and our physical and mental wellbeing.

SPA+CLINIC chatted to Zoneout speaker Gina Brescianini, Australian Ballet soloist turned passionate yoga, pilates and meditation teacher, to get her take on the use of music and meditation throughout the spa and wellness industry.

How important is music to wellness?
I think music is definitely one of the most universal connection points into wellness, spirit and joy.

How can music impact a client’s visit to a spa treatment or wellness session?
Music can definitely create an ambient atmosphere to support creating the ideal and fertile space of relaxation and serenity that the client is hoping to achieve in their session.

Would you recommend incorporating musical meditation into spa treatments?
Most definitely! It will enhance the client’s ability to relax and enjoy their treatment.

Tell us about your process when it comes to selecting music
I usually enjoy searching through my favourite artists on Spotify and then also looking for similar artists in the same or similar genre.

The way I like to build my playlists follows the arc of a class. There’s some really beautiful, new and exciting music out there, especially with this neo classical genre that when we start with really spacial music we can then build it to something that has more of a beat, more of a rhythm, and then slow it right back down again.

How should other practitioners select their songs according to their treatments or classes?
I personally follow the energetic arc of the class with music that is reflective of the same energy/pace/tone that I wish to create. As music is so powerful in creating mood and atmosphere it is integral that in a yoga class the music is echoing and enhancing the student’s needs in that moment.

I am sure that following a similar pathway with music in a treatment will also enhance the client’s experience.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the Zoneout festival?
I am excited to share my love of the practice of yoga at the Zoneout festival! I am also really passionate about music and art, as I was previously a Ballerina with the Australian Ballet. So, this festival is significant of all of the passions I have coming together in a relatable way, that is exciting and innovative.