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The rise of the male facial

The rise of the male facial

While the traditional salon customer has long been female, the interest in spa treatments from men is growing exponentially. With that in mind, salons are needing to adjust their offerings to appeal to their male market.

A different skin
Men’s skin and women’s skin does vary, not greatly, but there are some noticeable differences to be made, says Susanne Schmaling, author of Milady’s Aesthetician Series: Aging Skin.

“Men’s pH tends to lean toward being more acidic, that is, greater than five,” says Susanne. “Men also have a higher sebum production, so control of this is going to be a big deal.”

In addition, men tend to experience lower trans epidermal water loss until the age of 40, after which time it increases to a faster rate than women.

Working with a beard
“Treat the beard as an extension to the skin, and do not avoid it,” says Susanne. “When treating the beard, you want to really work into the hair follicles and deeply get in them to treat them. Tight gloves and awareness of the beard are very helpful.”

When applying products to the skin, lift up and apply products with the hair growth.

Interacting with a man
– According to Susanne, there are a few key points in communicating with men that will assist a therapist throughout the treatment:
– Be direct with what you are doing
– Let them know what they may experience with regards to any pain or discomfort before they experience it
– As with any client, let him lead how the conversation goes
– In addition, it’s important for your staff to have a plan in place in case they ever begin to feel uncomfortable in the treatment room. It is important that all therapists feel safe at all times.

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