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The top 5 face-shaping trends for 2020

The top 5 face-shaping trends for 2020

The popularity of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2020 but the popularity of ‘frozen foreheads’ and ‘puffy lips’ looks set to fade, writes Jenny Berich.

Caz Young, one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic injectors, who runs her own clinic Metica, while also working as a clinical trainer for Galderma, reveals the five injectable treatments that will be changing clients’ faces – and in some cases lives – in 2020.

Description: This treatment is performed with dermal fillers being placed into five pivotal points on either side of the face to replace volume loss. Results are subtle, immediate and refreshing.
Why it will be popular: It is virtually pain-free, the treatment time takes less than a few minutes (when performed by an expert), and the results are immediate but last over 18 months. It really is the perfect lunchtime lift.

Description: This treatment usually involves 2-3ml of dermal filler being placed along the jawline to lift the jowl area without bulking up the area around the mouth. In the past we used to treat the marionette lines and naso-labial lines with filler, but this just made people look unusual, fake and in all honesty weird!  Women lose a lot of volume in the pre-auricular area (near the ear) so by replacing this volume we can create a much more natural look by lifting back our skin laxity. It is one of the most satisfying treatments to perform because of the fantastic results but it must be performed by an expert as there are many vessels in this area.
Why it will be popular: The jawline is the new cheek. Contouring is no longer just for the mid-face. We know that women lose volume laterally on our faces so at Metica we plan a full-face rejuvenation treatment and span it over 12 months. The best part about this is that the results are very subtle yet super effective.

Treatment:  Muscle relaxants have been used for decades to relax muscles. Now we have upped the game. Experts in the field now know that we can relax one muscle to lift another. This is achieved by dedicated anatomy training to allow us to see that every human has different strengths of muscles around the brow so we can be creative in lifting either laterally, medially or even to create a higher arch. It is the most popular treatment that we perform and can also be combined with a dermal filler to enhance results.
Why it will be popular: Cosmetic brow tattooing has increased the trend as it highlights any differences between the left and right brows. Also, we are all obsessed with sagging or drooping eyelids and a brow lift can correct the problem in minutes without surgery!

Treatment: Beauty boosters are a range of non-volumising dermal fillers that increase hydration in the skin to create a glow and smooth appearance
Why it will be popular. Pre-party season beauty boosters are a must. No one wants to look over-done before the races, weddings or at their work Christmas party ‒ they want to look smooth and hydrated (even when they’re hungover!) I call this the ultimate cheat treat (no one will know!)

Treatment: A very conservative amount of muscle relaxant is used during the treatment. This keeps muscles active allowing them to still move softly but prevents deep wrinkles and gives clients a smoother skin when their faces are relaxed.
Why it will be popular: It is very popular with my conservative patients.  I also have a great number of actors, schoolteachers and psychologists asking for this as they want to ensure they keep their skin in check but do not want to look frozen.

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