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What to post on Insta besides your clinic

What to post on Insta besides your clinic

We might have mentioned just a few times before the importance of kick-ass before and after client images, as these are your portfolio of work and will sell your services to clients, plus promote any new services – among other things. We’ve also mentioned how engaging it can be to share insights with your followers when it comes to seeing your treatments in progress (videos or live streams) and the culture within your salon (images of your styling, treatment rooms, staff etc.)

If you’re keen to mix your feed up with some variety, and add a little personality and colour, you may want to throw in the occasional post that isn’t directly of or about your clients or clinic/spa itself. Every post should of course remain on brand and you should consider carefully what is right for you and your business’ ‘voice’, but here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

Practitioners like Dr Naomi have a name for themselves based on their hilarious industry-related memes, and so can you. Depending on your business, they may not be right up your alley, but in saying that, they don’t always have to be silly or crass – there is a meme for almost every style and occasion.


Options are infinite, from Maya Angelou to renowned women in the industry, and can give your followers some insight into your business’ core beliefs and general vibe. It’s also extremely easy to design your own, with colours and fonts that suit your branding.

These are wonderful for any spa or wellness-related business, and will inspire followers and set the tone. These can also set you apart from other feeds too, you can create your own unique posts, and potentially make a real difference in someone’s life!


Your clients and followers LOVE free information, and many follow you simply because they want to learn. Share an infographic, a table of info about ingredients, or even create your own Instagram tile as a ‘title page’ with a simple background and a topic heading, then use the caption section to go into the topic you want to discuss. If you have a blog, this is also a great way to share your latest topics in a simple, eye-catching way – just add the link in your bio and direct readers from your post.


If you pride yourself on a beautiful feed, sharing gorgeous art is always a great idea. Ensure that it’s simple, and accompanied by an inspiring caption – quotes or affirmations work rather well for this purpose.

Products You Stock
Some of the brands you stock in your day spa or clinic likely have some stunning lifestyle shots in their arsenal – share these, and let your clients know about the goodies they can pick up in-clinic.

Tell Your Own Story
One of the absolute best, most genuine way to share your unique voice! If you have your own funny anecdote, quote, vision or goal, share it with your followers. They will appreciate the authenticity – and if they don’t they’re not worthy of following you anyway!