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Why your clients aren’t getting injectables

Why your clients aren’t getting injectables

Cosmetic injectables have never been more socially acceptable than they are right now. Not too many years ago it would have been unthinkable to even admit you had anti-wrinkle injections, however nowadays, it’s common place for friends to openly discuss which cosmetic doctor or nurse they went to see for their toxin or filler, and to share details of treatments and results across social media.

The rising social acceptance of injectables is even further exacerbated by the fact that visiting a practitioner for injectables is just about as easy for consumers as getting a blow dry, not to mention the vast amount of consumer beauty and lifestyle media coverage around the latest non-invasive treatments flooding the market.

However despite this new age of openness and candid, happy-to-share clients, plenty of consumers still can’t be converted to injectables. As an injector, knowing the reasons behind this would be invaluable, so you can adjust your strategies, branding and marketing accordingly – without urging anyone to opt for injectables of course. But how to discover this very personal piece of information? Renowned practitioner Dr Naomi McCullum recently decided to simply come right out and ask, writes Mala McAlpin.

Recognised for both her incredible skills as a cosmetic doctor (and founder of The Manse Clinic) plus her massive social media presence, Dr Naomi is known for her no-holds-barred, hilariously witty and very honest voice on Instagram, so when it came to finding out why people aren’t opting for anti-wrinkle or filler, she decided she would simply ask the question. Dr Naomi posted the question via a story poll to her Instagram’s 220k followers “For those who haven’t had injectables yet: what is stopping you?”

Dr Naomi tells us she received a huge influx of responses to her question – a sample of around 80 respondents tells us a few secrets behind why clients might still be refusing injectables:

Money (48%)
Commitment (<1%)
Laziness (2.5%)
Fear of needles and/or pain (4%)
Too young (4%)
No skilled injectors in my area/don’t trust local injectors (10%)
Struggling to find a good time (2.5%)
Judgement from family or friends (6%)
Just not interested/don’t have any need for them (2.5%)
Fear of risk/adverse reaction (<1%)
Fear of looking unnatural (<1%)
Fear of skin laxity as a result of filler (<1%)
Fear of not liking the results (<1%)
Fear of getting addicted (<1%)

Unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents voiced money as the main reason why they’re not getting jabbed – this should by no means motivate you to discount your injectables. There is a time and place for discounting, but medical treatments are generally not one of them. However, responses such as ‘fear of needles and/or pain’ can easily be addressed, for example, with an e-mail sent to your client database informing them about the pain management options you offer (i.e. numbing cream, dental blocks, happy gas etc).

Fear of judgement from family or friends is another common concern in patients, and while this one may be tricky to overcome, ensuring your patients of natural results that won’t be immediately noticed and identified as injectables by family and/or friends may just give them the confidence to book that appointment. Showing them before and afters of patients with minor tweaks will also help the process so make sure you don’t just show off your ‘3ml wow clients’, but also those that may have only had 0.5ml.

Summing up, knowing your client base including their concerns, fears, and way of thinking is invaluable information that you can and should use to your advantage.

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