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3D technology revolutionises cosmetic dentistry

3D technology revolutionises cosmetic dentistry

The one-size-fits-all Hollywood megawatt smile has had its day, says leading cosmetic dentist Dr Gamer Verdian, who tailor-makes designer smiles at his state-of-the-art Sydney practice, The Dental Lounge.

“Your smile is unique to you and, unlike a haircut, you can’t just copy a celebrity’s look. Their teeth simply won’t suit you,” says the smile guru.

“We design your teeth to suit your unique specifications, taking into account everything from your eye position, jaw line and nose, to how your lips move when you smile. Everything is tailored so that the teeth have the right symmetry and proportions for a natural appearance, so they are in harmony with the rest of your face.”

An Australasian first, The Dental Lounge employs the latest high-tech innovation, 3D face scanning, to see how veneers will look on a patient before touching their teeth.

“We no longer use traditional 2D moulds when making veneers – you just can’t get the same result with a stone model as you can with 3D imaging,” says Dr Verdian.

“The face scanner, coupled with a digital tooth scanner, allows us to see exactly how the teeth will look from all angles so that we can deliver the perfect, natural-looking smile, every time.”

It also allows patients to get a full 3D view of what their final veneers are going to look like before any work is done to a tooth.

Thanks to his meticulous eye for detail, Dr Verdian is now a world leader in microscope-enhanced dentistry, which magnifies the tooth up to 20 times.

“That kind of detail makes the world of difference when you’re doing implants, cosmetic work and laser dentistry. A big fear many patients have is that their teeth will be reduced to stumps for a veneer. With digital planning and microscopes we can do veneers with little or no preparation of the tooth at all, which is a huge relief for most people,” he says.

“This is cutting-edge work not seen in Australasia before. Microscopic dentistry is undoubtedly the future and it is a path I aim to pave for the next generation of dental surgeons.”

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