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Lemon & Beaker gets boost from Korean star Clara Lee

Lemon & Beaker gets boost from Korean star Clara Lee

Premium, botanical skincare brand Lemon & Beaker were thrilled at the end of 2019 to see Korean actress and model Clara Lee posting and sharing her admiration for their Hydrating Toner and Vitamin C Serum on her social media platforms. The subsequent demand, orders and enquiries that followed saw the office team return to work early.

Having starred in more than 20 movies and TV shows in Korea, Clara was also named the world’s second most beautiful woman in MODE Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful Women’ in 2014, making her a household name in some countries.

Lemon & Beaker founder Hannah Hong said toward the end of last year a fan of Lemon & Beaker sent a set of the range to Clara, but they didn’t think much would come of it until they were tagged in the posts, talking about how much she was enjoying her Lemon & Beaker products to her Instagram and Facebook audience, which combined is more than 2.2 million followers. She also posted to popular Chinese social media/online shopping and review platform ‘Little Red Book’.

The brand was subsequently inundated with international orders at the end of December that saw a 220% sales increase compared to the previous three months, already a normally busy sales period.

Lemon & Beaker have also received multiple enquiries to stock the range from international markets. They are currently in on-going discussions with international Duty Free stores, multiple T-Malls and have interest from Korea, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

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