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4 predictions for which beauty products will be most in demand this holiday season

4 predictions for which beauty products will be most in demand this holiday season

As the holiday season draws near, an interesting cross-section of consumer preferences is coming into focus. New York-based Consumer trends agency Spate have published their latest report, Holiday Trends, revealing the top predicted hair and beauty trends for December 2023.

Ahead, ProCollective pulls out some of report’s key highlights…

Peptide moisturiser

Amid strong competition, the peptide moisturiser trend is thriving, attracting consumers with its multifaceted benefits such as hydration, lifting, and anti-ageing. The demand for peptide day creams with SPF underscores their potential for sun protection. Searches for ingredients like collagen, vitamin C, ceramide, argan milk, and hyaluronic acid alongside peptide moisturiser reveals that modern consumers are looking for comprehensive solutions. Top searched brands for peptide moisturisers include Olay, The Inkey List, and Naturium, emphasising consumer interest in affordable price ranges. While there is high competition in this category, there are few market leaders, providing opportunity for brands in the ingredient-driven space.

Revitalising treatments and rituals

Consumers are seeking more than just products; they’re seeking radiant transformations. From rejuvenating skin treatments like the diamond glow facial to cold plunges and hair steaming, there’s a desire for rituals that go beyond traditional self-care routines. This provides brands the opportunity to create novel beauty experiences.

Glamour for the holidays

Consumers aim to elevate their holiday style with captivating elements like cat-eye lashes, chrome powder nails, hair glaze, glow foundation, and disco nails. This trend fusion reflects a desire for versatile allure, embodying modern festive aesthetics. Brands can cater to this by curating offerings that encompass these diverse elements, empowering consumers to weave their own distinctive holiday stories.

Selena Gomez’s 2023 Golden Globes disco manicure by @tombachik

Beauty on the go

As travel becomes a key aspect of the holiday season, consumers are looking for beauty solutions that are not only effective but also portable. From travel-friendly hair dryers to shampoo products and stick makeup products, consumers want that convenience and portability. Brands should highlight the convenience of portable beauty products, ensuring that customers can maintain their beauty routines even when they’re on the move.

ghd flight+ travel hair dryer

Trend spotlight: The travel hair dryer
It’s a popular beauty gift for Christmas for good reason. During the holiday season, consumers seek out compact and portable travel hair dryers tailored for their on-the-go needs. This trend is marked by its competitiveness, evident in the substantial number of branded searches, most frequently Dyson, ghd, BaByliss, and Revlon. Nonetheless, the optimistic year-over-year prediction (+32.7% YoY from December 2022) and the frequency of consumer enquiries regarding the top travel hair dryers suggest that there are potential openings for hair brands. Consumers are particularly inclined towards retailers that offer budget-friendly options, so a strong distribution strategy is essential.

Using the data collated in Spate’s Holiday Trends Report, brands can accurately tackle holiday trends and craft strategic narratives that align with the evolving desires of beauty consumers.