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A Free Check-Up For Your Website

A Free Check-Up For Your Website

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you’ll recall that a few weeks back we announced the New Zealand government’s move to provide free digital training to business owners. It’s called Digital Boost, and if you haven’t taken advantage of the access to a huge amount of knowledge, then what are you waiting for? Click here to check it out.

Turns out it’s been pretty popular though, because the people behind Digital Boost have gone and given the program, well, a boost. They’ve added a new tool called Checkable, and it aims to show you just how successful your online presence is.

Checkable looks at your existing website (which you can build with the help of Digital Boost) and identifies where you can make improvements. Based on your Checkable results, the tool identifies specific areas to work on, to make the biggest impact to your website and business.

And you won’t be left to work it out yourself – videos and learning guides are available to help you understand why the checks take place, and how to make the recommended changes.

Checkable gives you insights into what users see when they visit your social media, checking everything from your images to web address. The new virtual guide will also help you find what you need and advanced analyses will maximise your reach while ensuring all audiences can access your business. E-commerce sites can also benefit from practical tips on enhancing the online shopping or booking experience.

Every time you perform a Checkable check-up you can download the results, as well as instructions on what to do about it?

We’ll say it again: what are you waiting for? Check Checkable out here.

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