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AUSNZ Goldwell Color Zoom 2019 winners announced

AUSNZ Goldwell Color Zoom 2019 winners announced

Goldwell has announced the winners of their national Color Zoom competition for Australia and New Zealand, announcing the Creative Colorist and New Talent Colorist titles for each country. Those winners will now compete for the global title in Vienna for a rare chance to be come part of the renowned Global Color Zoom Creative Team.

Demi Richards

Congratulations to those esteemed winners. In Australia, Priscilla Hume of Pump House Hair in Victoria, who won the Creative Colorist gold title, and Demi Richards of Mazee Hair, Victoria, who won New Talent Colorist.

In New Zealand, Nicky Crombie and Kayla Green, both of Vivo Hair and Beauty, won the titles of Creative Colorist and New Talent Colorist, respectively.

Nicky Crombie

The entries were based on interpretations of this year’s Color Zoom collection, titled Remix. The aesthetic was comprised of bold colours, sharp contours and deep contrasts inspired by pop art and graphic minimalism to create an optical pop effect. The result consisted of entries that inspired in their audacious use of colour, form and technique.

Kayla Green

You can support our national champions in the Color Zoom Challenge: The Goldwell Stylists’ Favorite Awards. Since 2015, this award has put the power in the people’s hands, hosting an online vote where you can vote between all the National Gold winners from around the world. The vote will take place at www.goldwell.com/stylistsfavorite from September 1 to 15, and the winner will be announced live on stage at the event.

Priscilla Hume

For these talented winners, their next stop is the Global Zoom Gala Show in Vienna, September 29th 2019. Good luck to them as they seek the global prize!

For more information visit www.goldwell.com.au