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Everything you need to know about lashes

Everything you need to know about lashes

As part of its campaign to educate beauty professionals and consumers about lash and eye health, Nouveau Lashes discusses lashes and lash treatments with Trisha Buller, a highly regarded trichologist with over 40 years’ experience.

Can you tell us about the eyelash growth cycle and the difference between eyelash growth and scalp hair growth?

“Each individual eyelash is programmed to reach a certain length (slightly less than 1cm on average), fall out, and then re-grow. An eyelash undergoes a three-part growth cycle, and scalp hair also has a three-phase cycle, however the length of each cycle is different, otherwise we would need to cut our eyelashes as we do hair.”

What is life expectancy of an eyelash?

“From 30 to 45 days.”

How many eyelashes do we usually lose in a day?

On average we lose between one and four eyelashes a day, however this differs and is dependent on lifestyle and other factors.”

What are the main natural causes of lash damage and thinning?

“Ill health, nutritional deficiency and anxiety can all play a role in lash damage and thinning. Rubbing your eyes, harsh mascaras, not carefully removing eye make-up, and using eyelash curlers can also damage natural lashes.”

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow?

“It can take weeks and even months, for eyelashes to grow, so it’s important to take great care of your lashes.”

Can damaged lashes be repaired?

“Yes, they can. It takes time and using the right products to encourage healthy lash growth.”

At their healthiest are lashes longer and fuller?

“Lashes that are longer and fuller will generally be down to a healthy individual with a good balanced diet and good family histology.”

What do you consider to be good lash care?

“Gently removing eye make-up every night, applying a lash conditioner to keep the lashes hydrated and avoiding harsh mascaras and eyelash curlers are key. Always take care when using false lashes and ensure that the adhesive or glue is not going to exacerbate lash loss. Avoid rubbing your eyes and eat a healthy protein diet to assist in the healthy growth of hair, eyelashes, skin and nails.”

How can you improve the health of your lashes?

“Biotin (an essential amino acid), B12 and Amino mar C (an essential fatty acid) all contribute to healthy lash growth.”

Can wearing too much make-up damage your lashes?

“Depending how strong your lashes are to start with, it can if the makeup is not gently removed every night.”

Can wearing or removing lash extensions damage your lashes?

“Extensions can have an adverse effect on lash growth and condition, if the lash artist overloads the eyelashes with too much weight. In addition, if you pull your lash extensions off you will most certainly remove your own lashes, and it can take weeks to several months for lashes to regrow. The lashes have a growth cycle, and a resting phase so by pulling out the lashes by force you will damage the follicles and possibly cause permanent lash loss.”

Can wearing or removing strip lashes damage your lashes?

“Depending on the length of time worn and how they’re removed, you could accidentally pull out natural lashes. Try to keep the strips slightly away from your lash line so you’re not pulling the lash on removal of the strips, then apply a conditioning serum after to re-hydrate and moisturise the natural lashes.”

Do your lashes change at certain times of your life?

“With age, eyelashes do become weaker and density changes occur, which can sometimes be a result of medication or long-term health issues too. During pregnancy, your oestrogen levels are high so generally your lashes are healthy and grow long, the problem of lash loss could occur three to six months after birth when the hormone levels change, and your diet is compromised due to no time to eat and sleep deprivation.”

What would you recommend people look for when selecting a lash treatment?

“Sometimes the cheaper options can end up costing you more in the long run, as the damage can take weeks even months to repair. At the same time, you don’t want to be ripped off with the latest trends that don’t work, so make sure you do your research and look for products that actually show a success rate.”

What advice would you give people who are looking for a place to go to get their lash treatments?

“Always have a consultation with your lash technician; ask for their qualifications and pictures of the work they have carried out. They should have a catalogue of success from previous clients, and you could always ask to speak to an existing client.”