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Beauty therapist diagnosed with Coronavirus

Beauty therapist diagnosed with Coronavirus

Australian health authorities are fearing for the well-being of 40 people that may have been exposed to coronavirus at Gold Coast salon Hair Plus.

The clients were treated by a beautician that has since been diagnosed with the virus. According to a representative for the salon, the 63-year-old woman has recently returned from Iran, and had started feeling ill on Thursday, while working at the salon.

According to the Queensland chief health minister Dr Jeanette Young, the woman carried out facials on up to 40 clients, though the duration of the treatments was less than 15 minutes.

“She came back from Iran, she was perfectly well on the flight back to Australia and up to the Gold Coast, and then a couple of days later she developed some symptoms,” Dr Young said, praising the swift nature in which the woman reacted.

“She did everything perfectly. As soon as she had her first symptom, she spoke to her manager and shew went home and she went to the Gold Coast University Hospital to get tested,” For Young told ABC News Radio.

The woman is currently in a stable condition and in isolation at the Gold Coast University Hospital, and Dr Young said authorities would be contacting anybody that visited the salon on Thursday, and would request they undergo testing for the virus.

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