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Clean beauty brands unite to educate

Clean beauty brands unite to educate

Clean skincare brand Biossance, who specialise in the use of sustainable ingredients, has just announced some updates and collaborations for its educational platform ‘The Clean Academy’, writes Mala McAlpin.

Launching in October 2019 as a comprehensive industry resource for consumers and practitioners alike, The Clean Academy educates its viewers through regular video content featuring industry experts.

This season the platform will aim to intricately delve into various ingredients in some of the most common skincare formulas, such as cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreens, with each video helping to clarify the often complex labels on formulas. It also covers legislation news and advice like banned and restricted ingredients.

In an unusual move, the brand has decided to partner with other like-minded brands to fight the battle against nasties in skincare, inviting representatives from other well-known clean beauty advocates including Farmacy, ILIA, Youth To The People, Follain, Aether, Weleda, Suntegrity and Ursa Major to help drive the conversation, united under the greater goal of inspiring consumers to make smarter, more ethical choices.

“We are very excited to usher in the next chapter of content, diving deeper into the often murky waters of ingredients in clean beauty,” said Catherine Gore, president of Biossance. “Together with our partners, The Clean Academy aims to educate and empower consumers, helping them better understand their beauty products so they never have to sacrifice sustainability for efficacy.”

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of the important conversation Biossance is creating around the clean category,” say Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes, founders of Youth To The People.

“Together with like-minded brands, we’re challenging the industry to create change, faster. We’re proud to have created a brand that, since its inception, has put transparency in ingredients and sourcing first. For us, clean means vegan, consciously-created formulas that are safe for your skin and the planet. With a focus on education around the clean movement, we are confident that we’re impacting change, together.”

With so many consumer brands uniting together to support clean and sustainable beauty (in response to overwhelming consumer demand) it is crucial that professional skincare stockists and practitioners factor this growing into their practices, or at the very least, stay abreast of what is happening in the fast-changing consumer space.

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