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Brand profile: Organic Skin Co.

Brand profile: Organic Skin Co.

When locally made and beloved beauty brands gain international traction we take notice, and one such happening occurred this week, as New Zealand’s own makeup brand Organic Skin Co. was referenced and touted as a must-have organic favourite on Forbes. This is no small feat but, in reading their brand story we’re sure you’ll agree, is an accolade entirely deserved. For makeup artists looking for beauty supplies that are both internationally renowned and home-grown, we’ve found your new kit calling.

In their article titled “11 beauty essentials that are, green and perfect for summer travel,” the publication listed Organic Skin Co. alongside a bevy of other international pioneers in this field.

“The tricky thing about packing makeup is how much space it takes up,” the Forbes article read. “The Organic Skin Co., a New Zealand based company has taken that hassle out of the equation with their packable palettes. Cream based eyeshadows, lip stains and foundations come in refillable and interchangeable pods that are all natural, organic and sourced from sustainable farms in India. And because they’re uber passionate about the environment, they plant one tree with the purchase of every product (and take the time to explain the reasons why on their website). Love.”

That’s obviously high praise from a major source, but it’s born from a love of country, environment and planet steeped into the brand’s DNA.

“We make products with a strong commitment to this planet we call home and using organic and natural ingredients so pure they make your skin sing,” the brand mantra reads. “We want you to love wearing our products, with colours that pop, shades that last, and packaging you can’t resist sharing with others. And we want to make products that have some soul, that embody those things we all so love about makeup and skincare; things like confidence, optimism, and – when the timing is right – just a little bit of sass.”

The brand is built within its new Zealand roots in both ethos and actual location. It has a real family connection, having been founded by Megan Douglas, a former model, designer, naturopath and entrepreneur, alongside her sister-in-law and the company’s CEO Lisette Douglas. The team run operations from New Zealand with a commitment to organic, natural makeup that looks good, empowers the planet and celebrates natural beauty.

Beyond the actual products, as Forbes alluded to, the brand partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects for the ‘One Product, One Tree’, to give back to the planet with every purchase.

The brand boasts an extensive collective for every facet of the face in makeup, even extending to skincare hero products, and allowing those who purchase to build a palette and refill their pods to retain their packaging and look out for the environment.

Ticking all the boxes of being green, home-grown, versatile and high quality, it’s no wonder this local brand has found international acclaim. Organic Skin Co. is taking over the world and saving it all at once – join the impressive movement.

For more information visit www.theorganicskinco.com