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Danny Pato Unveils New Collection The Nomad Queens

Danny Pato Unveils New Collection The Nomad Queens

Danny Pato, seven-time consecutive winner of NZ Hairdresser of the Year, has unveiled his latest collection, The Nomad Queens. Collaborating with long-time friend and photographer Mara Sommer, Pato’s latest collection draws inspiration from the concept of a future utopia where a band of royal sisters reign in peace.

The colourful collection showcases the artistic flair of Pato, whose creative vision and innovative approach to hair styling continue to set him apart in the industry.

Pato’s vision for The Nomad Queens is one of unity, wisdom, and feminine divinity, where the oppressive forces of war and cruelty have been replaced by a harmonious ruling sisterhood.

Each shot tells a unique and evocative story. Taking inspiration from a diverse array of cultural references, including the lucky plant, a sunset, peacock, porcupine, coral, and the Pushkar Fair from Central India, Pato has crafted a collection that is visually striking and culturally rich.

The Nomad Queens collection also forms part of Pato’s entry as a finalist for Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year 2024 at the prestigious Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative). Pato broke records by winning New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year for the past seven years, so now must stand down from that category for two years.

For those who appreciate creativity, artistry, and the transformative power of hairdressing, Danny Pato’s The Nomad Queens collection is a true masterpiece.

Collection credits

Hair & Art Director: Danny Pato using Davines, assisted by Michael Sisaengrath and the D&M Hair Design team. Photographer: Mara Sommer, assisted by Josh Szeto.
Stylists: Danny Pato & Rachel Morton
Makeup Artist: Kiekie Stanners

Producer: Ryland Wood
Post: Olivia Mander
Models: Lillian Egan from 62, Crystal Lim from N, Jenna Watermeyer from Red11 and Zephaniah from Unique.