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Get the look: Micro braids & refined waves, as seen at Joico x NZFW I Love Ponsonby

Get the look: Micro braids & refined waves, as seen at Joico x NZFW I Love Ponsonby

Last week, New Zealand Fashion Week: Kahuria returned to the Viaduct Events Centre after a three-year hiatus. While the majority of the schedule was industry exclusive, the weekend provided an opportunity for the public to experience the best of local fashion and runway glamour.

Wrapping up the week was the high-energy I Love Ponsonby show, showcasing designs from the iconic strip’s most beloved boutiques.

Joico Guest Artist, Felicity Bruce, supported by a team of hairstylists, was backstage creating the hair looks. Tailored to the designs, the two hairstyles were equally wearable and polished, with a playful punch.

Ahead, is your step-by-step guide to recreating the looks and all the products used.

Look one: Sleek with micro braids

Images: Ryan Patrick Photography

The first look saw a revival of the ’00s, updated for now. The brief was a super shiny, straight blow dry with a side swept micro braid.

  1. Prep the hair with a small amount of Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo at the roots. Apply Joico Heat Hero in small sections prior to straightening. If you need more strength to keep the hair smooth, prep with Joico JoiWhip Foam on dry hair, blow dry with a round brush before Joico Heat Hero and straighten.
  2. The braid is a micro external braid. Start with a slight diagonal part, beginning at the start of the eyebrow to crown. The first braid directs away from the face towards crown. Tie with a band, spray with JoiMist Medium, then remove the band before the show.
  3. The second braid starts at the crown and comes forward to sweep around the face. Secure at the ear using a small band.
  4. Use Joico Heat Hero, Joico Defy Damage Invincible & Joico JoiMist Medium to finish the hair.

Look two: Mid wave with volume and straight ends

Images: Ryan Patrick Photography

The second look was a more structured rendition of beach waves. While styled to float with movement, the straight end finish created a refined aesthetic.

  1. Prep the hair with Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo and Joico Heat Hero or Joico JoiWhip Foam and Joico Heat Hero.
  2. Smooth out the hair with a round brush, keep volume at the roots and be mindful of little flyaways.
  3. Prep each section with Joico Heat Hero. With your straighteners smooth the root then vertically add a curl turning 1.5-2 times then straight on the ends. Set with JoiMist Firm.
  4. Loosen curls using a wide tooth comb or dressing brush. Add back combing for foundational volume support.
  5. Finish with JoiMist Firm & Joico Defy Damage Invincible.

Products used:

Main image: Ryan Patrick Photography