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Goldwell celebrates 50 years of Topchic Colour

Goldwell celebrates 50 years of Topchic Colour

Leading hair brand Goldwell is celebrating five full decades of the company’s renowned, in-salon colour system, Topchic. The technology has offered efficient, reliable and high-performance colour to hair professionals and their clients for 50 years.

Goldwell has continued to expand and innovate the Topchic range over its 50-year run, with new shades, formulations and technologies that have kept the range consistently trending and relevant.

For half a century, Topchic has made a name for itself due its quality performance, with vibrant, long-lasting hues and innovative and user-friendly formulas. It’s a go-to technology for hairdressers looking for intense, even colour, durability and superior coverage with every application, which enables hair artists to unleash their full creativity with bold and tailored transformations unique to each clients’ needs.

The 50th birthday celebration puts these colourists at the centre, paying tribute to the wealth of hairdressers who have pioneered with Topchic over the years by making it an important part of their professional repertoire. The brand continues to be inspired by the passion and talent in professional hair, aiming to always make tools that meet and embolden this level of excellence.

Happy 50 years to Topchic by Goldwell!

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