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Dyson launches new hairdryer exclusive to professionals

Dyson launches new hairdryer exclusive to professionals

Dyson, the renowned innovators in beauty technology, have once again captivated the industry with their latest launch, the Dyson Supersonic r™. Unveiled at New York Fashion Week, the professional-only hairdryer promises to revolutionise the way stylists work in salons.

The beauty tech pioneers have doubled down on the core technology within the revolutionary Supersonic™ hair dryer and have re-engineered a tool to deliver precision for professionals in an entirely new form.

Exclusive to salons, the hairdryer is Dyon’s lightest, smallest, and most precise styling tool yet – specifically, 30 percent smaller, 20 percent lighter, and more manoeuvrable. The result? A faster dry time, smoother and frizz-free finish, and shinier results. 

Featuring five new attachments, the Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer is paired with three precise airflow settings and four heat modes, including constant cold shot, with ergonomically placed controls within a thumb’s reach and LED indicators on the handle. Designed for stylists to use the tool with ease without interrupting the styling session. The tool has been designed to help prevent strain related injuries due to its light-weight design. 

Key highlights

New ergonomic format

The Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer features a unique ‘r’ curve design that weighs just 325 grams (less than the weight of a hairspray), allowing professionals to effortlessly reach and style with control and comfort.

Streamlined flow heater for even heat

Conventional heaters use open wire wrapped around mica boards, commonly used in electronics, which result in hot and cold spots in the airflow. Dyson’s innovative heater technology ensures even heat distribution without any hotspots. The curved shape and symmetrical foils maximise airflow exposure for efficient heating, resulting in no heat damage and increased evenness of temperature when using attachments.

Intelligent heat control

The Dyson Supersonic r™ is equipped with intelligent heat control, with a glass bead thermistor and embedded temperature sensor measuring air temperature over 20 times a second. This prevents extreme heat damage and preserves the hair’s natural shine.

Optimised RFID attachment

Integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors in each attachment communicate with the hair dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature. This feature ensures intuitive adjustment for all hair types and styles, reducing frizz and enhancing curls without disrupting natural patterns.

Available to purchase exclusively by professional stylists from June 2024. Join the waitlist here to find out more information on local availability.