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Got too much work to do? Go to sleep

Got too much work to do? Go to sleep

It seems counter-productive, but the best way to get more hours out of your day is to sleep. Really.

We get it – as a salon, spa or clinic owner, business hours are just one part of your working day. Once the ‘closed’ sign flips over, the rest of your day beings – planning, coaching, finances – you name it, it needs to be done.

“It can make mathematical sense to burn the midnight oil, but the work you do when you’re tired isn’t as productive as the work you do when you’re well rested,” says sleep therapist Janine Ester.

“Eight hours is the recommended amount of sleep time each day, and that shouldn’t be too hard to do it you make a commitment to it.”

Plan your day – and night
“If I had a dollar for each time a client told me that there just weren’t enough hours in the day, I’d be a millionaire,” says Janine. “It’s not about changing the amount of work that has to be done, but rather prioritising your wellness and working it all out as a kind of roster. Lock in your sleep time and make a deal with yourself that devices go off and you’ll shut down.”

It will feel ok
“I’ll admit, those first few days or weeks will be hard, especially if you’re used to running on minimal sleep, but eventually it will become your new normal,” says Janine.

But when will all the work get done?! “When you’re rested, you’ll be surprised at how much more efficiently you can work, and things that used to take you hours because your brain was tired and struggling, you’ll now be able to do in half the time.”

Set boundaries
These are for yourself and others. “You’ve agreed with yourself that you’re going to get more shut-eye, and now you need to set those boundaries with others. It may be that you simply do not respond to texts or emails during your rest time. If that isn’t clear enough, tell people that you’re prioritising your wellness and won’t be available after a certain time. You’ll be glad you did.”