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Grab clients’ attention with great blog posts

Grab clients’ attention with great blog posts

Feeling writer’s block? We’ve got the cure, writes Mala McAlpin.

For our industry, the passion for educating oneself isn’t just for practitioners anymore. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever before, and are always hungry for knowledge.

Despite this, there is still an abundance of misinformation and lack of understanding, particularly when it comes to medical aesthetics. This combination creates the ideal landscape for blogging, and is perhaps why it is becoming so popular for clinics and aesthetic practitioners. However, once you have created your blog, it can be difficult to continue coming up with topics and content ideas long term.

For this reason, we’ve come up with somewhat of a general frameworks that you can continue to produce around various topics as trends shifts. Here are six ideas that you can adapt to your own topics and areas of specialty:

Myths – a particularly good topic for medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. This will help deliver much-needed education to consumers, and help to slowly remove the stigma around certain treatments or procedures. You could even bust myths about certain trending ingredients or products that aren’t as functional as their marketing hype.

What to expect – this is a great information source for both prospective patients and existing patients preparing for certain treatments or procedures. You will foster more trust with readers by fully and completely preparing them for what to expect before, during, and after a treatment with this type of in-depth description.

How to find a reputable practitioner – this type of post is timeless, and something our industry needs more of, describing to unaware consumers the differences between quality, safe practitioners and those who aren’t. Of course, in doing so, this will also demonstrate yourself or your business to be qualified and safe in turn.

New research – not only will this be an interesting read for your clients, but what better way to demonstrate that you stay abreast of the latest industry workings and scientific knowledge? You could cover anything from devices and procedures to active ingredients.

Share your coverage – if you contribute to any news articles, other blogs or websites, journals or magazines, your own blog is a fantastic place to re-publish this – with proper permission sought first of course!

Costs – while nobody likes to talk finance, this is another important piece of information we should be distributing wherever possible. If consumers really understood how much it costs for a practitioner to carry out a procedure, there’s a chance we could begin to minimise the number of patients seeking cheap, disreputable and/or illegal alternatives.

Trends – this is of course a given! Position yourself as an industry leader by sharing the latest aesthetic treatments, innovations, devices, and progressive solutions.

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