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Detox teas pulled from NZ shelves

Detox teas pulled from NZ shelves

Several brands of diet/detox tea have been withdrawn from sale in New Zealand after a Consumer investigation found they contained pharmacy-only medicine senna.

According to the report, senna leaf is a natural laxative that can have nasty side effects and lead to liver damage if taken for too long. Because senna contains sennosides, a pharmacy-only medicine, companies need consent to advertise or sell it, Medsafe compliance manager Derek Fitzgerald said.

The products withdrawn included Healtheries Naturally Slim Lemon Tea, Healtheries Naturally Slim Superfruit Acai and Blueberry Tea, and Healtheries Herbalax Senna Peppermint Tea, which had been available at supermarkets around New Zealand, as well as a variety of products containing senna from health stores.

Local influencer and personal trainer Sera Lilly had also been advertising a senna ‘teatox’ on her website Fat2fitnz.co.nz, but has since removed it.

In New Zealand, advertising or selling pharmacy-only medicines without consent can result in a fine of up to $100,000.

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